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Terms Of Service

1. General

These general conditions of sale apply for the VPN service provided by the company Nitrobox Privacy LTD (henceforth Nitrobo). 

Please read these terms carefully as they contain important information about the service as well as the customer’s and Nitrobo’s respective obligations and rights. 

The agreement includes a dispute resolution clause that governs how any disputes will be resolved.

 By registering on Nitrobo's website, the customer indicates that he or she has read the terms and conditions and agree to abide by these.


2. About the Service

The service provided by Nitrobo is normally called VPN. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and is a way for customers to remain anonymous

on the Internet by using only secure computer connections. The security is due to the Internet traffic being encrypted in such a degree that only the

customer's computer and the computer communicating with the client can interpret the data sent between computers. 

The traffic can still be bugged, but the person intercepting it will not be able to understand the collected information.


3. Pricing


By paying a fixed price in advance, the customer gains access to the service for a period of either 2, 30, 120, 180, or 365 days depending on the extent of the customer's order. 


4. Access to the service and payment method

To access the service, the client must first open an anonymous user account via Nitrobo’s website by providing a valid email address. 

A confirmation mail is then sent to the e-mail address the customer indicated containing the login information to Nitrobo’s website. 

The customer must then download a VPN client from the website. When the VPN client been downloaded and installed on the client’s computer,

the customer pays the price for the requested service. As soon as Nitrobo has received confirmation that payment has been made, the customer gains access to the service.


5. Duration of the Agreement

This agreement takes effect when customer pays the fee and gain access to the service. The agreement will expire at the end of the agreement period that the customer paid for.



6. Return policy & Cancellation policy


We offer a 14-day return when you buy our service. 

This does not apply after you started using the service and connect to the server we made available to you. 

When you connect, you agree to that the service is expended and you can no longer claim a refund. 

Reason for the refund needs to be provided! 

To qualify for a refund you need less than 100GB traffic used during the 30-days period.

6.1 Exceptions to the Return and Cancellation Policies

The following are not applicable for a refund:

6.2 Nitrobo VPN Subscription Cancellation


All our payments are non recurrings, means you dont need to cancel your subscription.



7. Customer commitments

The customer agrees not to use the service with the intention of by improper means cause harm other users,

third parties or vendors and is solely responsible for how he or she uses the service.


If the customer violates its obligations under the above, Nitrobo reserves the right to promptly suspend the customer with no obligation for reimbursement.


8. Nitrobo’s commitments

Nitrobo commits to use due diligence in the maintenance of the service. Immediate troubleshooting will take place in the event of outages and other disruptions to the service.

If a customer can not use the service due to outage or other disruption, the customer is entitled to an extension of the current agreement


with a reasonable number of days determined by Nitrobo. Compensation other than the one mentioned above can not be claimed by the customer.


9. Disclaimer

Nitrobo has no responsibility for outages or other disruptions caused by the customer's

hardware, software, Internet or similar relationship attributable to the customer or third parties.

Nitrobo is also not liable for any harm or inconvenience to customers caused by the outage or disruption in service,

whether due to a circumstance attributable to the customer, third party or Nitrobo.


10. Processing of personal data

Nitrobo does not have access to any other information about customers apart from those reported


at the customer's registration on Nitrobo’s website, i.e. a valid e-mail address, username and password.


11. Changes to these general conditions of sale etc.

Changes and additions to the service or the content of these general terms and conditions is determined solely 

by Nitrobo and becomes binding for the customer when the customer is informed of the change or addition by e-mail. 

The customer is deemed to have been informed of the changes and additions when the supplier has sent an e-mail message containing


 the notice to the e- mail address designated by the customer.